60th Anniversary

I picked up a second hand Fender American Special Precision Bass in Olympic White with Rosewood fretboard and black pickguard. It is a 2011 model, which is exactly 60 years after the very first Fender Precision bass released in 1951. The neck plate has the 60th Anniversary stamping. Although the bass had no deep scratches, it did need to be rubbed out, polished and gloss waxed. The fretboard needed cleaning and rejuvenating with my secret mix of oils and the frets needed polishing. The pickguard was very scratched so I replaced it with a new tortoise shell guard. The stock American Special pickup got replaced with a ’62 reissue to match the American Standard P-Bass and the bridge was swapped out for a Babicz FCH-4 full contact. Last but not least, the soft Fender gigbag was retired and the bass was placed in a hard case.

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