4K Video Downloader

The Internet has a wealth of videos for education, do-it-yourself, sports, entertainment, and news to name a few. But to watch these videos, the user typically must be online. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could download those videos to watch later when possibly not online or when on a metered connection? Well, I found myself in that situation many times. So, I searched out and tried a number of these “YouTube download” programs until I finally settled upon my now favorite program, the “4K Download” application for Windows. Downloading YouTube videos could not be easier. Just start watching a video, click the “share” icon, the click “copy” in the popup window. This will place the link to the video into the Windows clipboard. Next, open the “4K Download” application and click the “Paste Link” icon, then choose the video resolution of the video you wish to save. The program allows saving as MP4 or as MKV file formats which later can be played in any video player, such as the popular “VLC Player”. Best of all, “4K Video Downloader” even supports 4K videos and is FREE. The program development is supported by small pop-up ads that usually support other fine software. If you opt for the subscription, multiple videos can be downloaded at once and no limit to the number of downloads per day. However, for casual use, this program cannot be beat.

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Welcoming in 2021

2021 is a year when I plan to finish up some long overdue projects. First will be a major clean up and a re-arrangement of my studio setup. A bunch of boxes will be recycled and I will start to unload a number of guitars and basses that I just have no time to play and that I would love having a really good home for. So, I’m going to sell three guitars; Harley Benton 7-TPB DLX (7-string fan-fret), Ibanez RGT42DXFM (all gold hardware with Floyd Rose and Steve Via Evolution pickups) and a vintage Cort Solo QM. These are all excellent instruments, in spotless condition. As for basses, I’ll be putting up the Peavey Millennium AC 5 and the Sire Marcus Miller V7, both active 5-string basses. I will never sell my Fender Deluxe Jazz, or American Special 60th anniversary Precision, or my German Warwick Corvette 5-string, but I am going to let go of the Peavey and Sire with a bit of sadness, but to good homes I hope. Some other projects; re-building regulated power supplies for my pair of C12 clone tube microphones, building a pair of MXL990s with new electronics and K47 capsules, lastly putting in the high-end capacitor kits into my four ADK-51A microphones which already have upgraded K67 capsules. So, some fun soldering time in store.

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