Mac Pro & Genelecs

I literally stumbled on a great find when inquiring about an old pair of Genelec 1030A speakers. I won’t name names, but this Jazz keyboardist who is fairly well known in Taipei also had a MAC Pro Mid-2010 5,1/2×2.4G/24G/256GSSD/8C that he was going to sell but had not advertised. So as luck would have it, I had been looking for a real Mac to replace my Hackintosh for some time. This Mac would be put into service by first swapping out the CPUs and the DRAM with a 64GB 8x8G kit ECC DDR3 1333MHz and two sourced X5675 3.06G 6-core Xeon processors to give me a 12 core, 24 thread screamer.

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