Welcoming in 2013

It was a rather uneventful new year’s; watched the fireworks on the 101 building on television, three minutes worth. Did put on my bass and played a little. Doing more re-mixing than recording.

During 2012 I got my broken Presonus Firestudio Project fixed for free, which now gives me 4 units for a wopping 32 simultaneous analog inputs and 8 stereo SPDIF along with 4 MIDI interfaces. I have also added a pair of full-HD LED monitors to my setup. Also on the equipment side, I found a Line 6 Pod Pro from Ebay and purchased a brand new Bass V-Amp from Behringer. The latter having a 96/24 digital output for direct digital interface with my system. On the instrument side of things, I put a Babicz Full Contact bridge on my Precision along with original Fender ’62 pickup. Nice… My red Ibanez GSR200 got a set of DiMarzios (P-bass neck and J-bass bridge) and a solid brass Bad Ass bridge (in black). And my Gibson Flying-V is now outfitted with Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB on bridge and SH-2n neck pickups. So, I’m looking forward to good times and tones in 2013.


Bringing on 2013 in my home studio.

I’ve also returned all my gear to a back room. The smaller room with closer monitoring really brings out the excessive bass I had been mixing with everything setup in the living room. The larger room, the extra distance to speakers and possibly some bass trap effect, all had me over EQing the 90~125Hz range making a muddy sound on some other reference systems I have checked out. When summer comes, I’ll want to move back out into the living room, but I’ll need to figure out where the bass is going. But pretty sure it is because the speakers don’t have a solid wall right close behind them, and they do in the smaller room.

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