Winter Solstice

Originally I recorded 5 bass line parts on December 18th, which was just before the winter solstice. This past weekend I was reviewing lots of partial recordings and started to play around with one of the previously recorded bass lines. I was in a mellow mood, possible due to several glasses of 2011 Beaujolais. The guitar chosen was my 2009 Gibson Trini Lopez reissue, a real change from my Strat. The Trini likes tube pre-amplification, with good harmonics but no overdrive and it has a really low silky action. I recorded two tracks, one from the bridge pickup with heavy echo and the other from the neck pickup with flanging. The kick drum and snare were triggered from MIDI keyboard and the Alesis D4 percussion module. The loop was named Winter Solitude and later I changed the name to Winter Solstice. It really needs a good lead, but technically I am just not able to play at the level required.

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