Thanksgiving Update

My studio “Cheese Grater” MacPro5,1 has recently completed some upgrade work. The firmware has been upgraded to 144. I am now running macos Catalina (10.15, using OCLP) and storage has been upgraded. My system boot disc is now a NVMe 2TB SSD 3×4 on a 4xPCIe card and my download/project disk is a 2TB SATA SSD. My TimeMachine continues to run on a 4TB 3.5″ SATA spinning drive. I removed 2 RAM sticks, dropping from 64G to 48G, but now running tri-channel RAM access. My RX Vega56 is starting to age, and I’m looking to get an RX6600 XT 8G in the near future. However, to run the 6600, my OS needs to move to Monterey (macos 12), which will natively support the RX6600. I also just took possession of a pair of X5690 6-core 3.46GHz CPUs. Because they are more power hungry than my current X5675 6-core 3.06GHz processors, I will most likely wait until I swap the display card, as the RX6600 XT is not as power hungry as the RX Vega56. The system is stable at present, just working on old projects and started a new one. Performance is good, display on my 4K monitor is a little sluggish though.

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