Choir Recording, Microphone Revisited

When capturing live performances, the audience noise becomes a big problem when using omni-directional microphones like the ADK A-51s. For shows with a live audience, an old man hacking or a baby starting to cry will be picked up very well by an omni mike. So for live shows I use a combination of cardioids and shotgun microphones. I now carry four Rode NT1-A condensers and four Nady SGM-12 shotgun condenser microphones. The shotguns are aimed to each choir section, from sopranos to basses. The cardioids are place for a stereo image capture, for solos and used close miking of piano(s). I multi-track everything through a Presonus Firepod (now called Fire Studio Projects) connected to an Intel dual core IBM laptop running legacy Win XP Pro and Cubase recording software. After the show it is easy to transfer data via mobile disc to my Mac Pro mixing system.

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